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Founder: Rainna Goel

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Cur8ability is a non-profit brand curated by Rainna Goel, age 14, well known author of ‘A Luxury Wanderer’s Book’, owner & blogger at  'Travelsalacarte'

This brand brings together easy to wear, fashionable ‘adaptive clothing’ which is designed by keeping in mind the dressing needs of the every disabled as well as elderly. It has been curated with a goal to make dressing easier for disabled children, seniors and the elderly by offering a varied selection of fashionable yet affordable adaptive clothing and footwear. From elastic, snaps, magnets, large buttons, easy zippers, drawstrings, Velcro fasten with custom made dress shirts and raincoats to swim trunks and pjs, we carry it all!


Having no clue of the garment industry, Rainna wanted to solve a clothing problem for a close differently abled friend. She soon realised that her ideas and products might be welcomed by a large number of other people facing similar yet more troublesome disabilities. 

Her designs serve as a tool to empower peoples’ unique abilities, allowing them to become more independent and inspire others towards a more inclusive universal design imbibed with fashion and style at the same time. Cur8ability clothing is designed to help them understand what they are wearing, choose clothes more easily and feel confident in how they look.


Rainna believes its vital that disability is involved not only in the design process, but also every aspect of the company including employment. Thus, the concept empowers disabled tailors. The entire working is non-profit and all proceeds of purchase go towards providing resources as well as our products to an NGO for the disabled. We wish to be a zero waste concept, thus contributing to the environment by recycling used clothes whilst still using fresh garments for fellow production. 


“Fashion should be a privilege to all; if the rest of us have access to trends and latest fashion, the differently abled should too. Hence, with Cur8ability,  I bring fashionable adaptive clothing to the disabled.”- Rainna Goel



Helper's of Mary NGO

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